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The answers to your questions
How long does it take to scan a house?
On average, it takes about 40 minutes to scan a typical 100 square feet family home with the matterport 3 Pro.

Scan time can vary based on the complexity of the property
How many floors of the property. Both of these factors influence how many scans you should take, which in turn means how long we spend on-site.

What happens when we finish on site?
You can view your 3D models, Tours and 3d models anytime 24/7 from any device you want (etc. PCs, Ipads, webpages, VR glasses, smart phones). You can also embed the actual 3D models, tours and floorplans in any website or email and share the space using the HTML code that will be provided to you within 2 days of the scan. You can view and share your 3D models, Tours and 3D models anytime in exclusive webpages that are included in your package.

We will also provide you with a short video to use on social media with music
Should I prepare my home/hotel/site?
A potential buyer’s first impression of a listing is made by the quality of the photos and interactive virtual tour they see online. You have to ensure that your listing creates an eye-popping first look!

Effective realtors follow these guidelines to prepare their houses for potential buyers. Virtual real estate tours provide more value when all of the staging and cleaning is done in advance of the tour and photo shoot. 3D virtual tours provide marketing efficiency, why not make the most of it?

The same applies for any type of properties.

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